KIN Enterprises Inc. Prince Albert SK KIN Enterprises Inc. - Increasing Independence, Protecting the Environment

KIN Enterprises Inc. offers adults considered to have challenging abilities, diverse and relevant opportunities to enhance their quality of life and involvement within the community.

KIN Enterprises Inc. Prince Albert SK
KIN Enterprises Inc. Prince Albert SK
KIN Enterprises Inc. is a member of Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centres (SARC/SARCAN).
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KIN Enterprises Inc. provides relevant programs, activities or work experience tailored to each individual's skills and interests. We provide a social setting for interaction with peers and staff as well as a work environment to enhance skills for employment within the community. Our programs offer a variety of experiences and opportunities to promote learning and increase independence.

Individuals interested in participating in programs or work activities provided by KIN Enterprises Inc. must complete an application available from our office at 300 15th Avenue East or 457 40th Street East for consideration at the next available Acceptance and Separation Meeting.
This application is also available online by clicking here.


KIN Enterprises Inc. believes that all human beings have equal worth. We believe that all staff members, employees (clients), participants and directors should respect each other, accept each person with diverse abilities and we will strive to include each person in all appropriate aspects of the organization.


Our Restaurant provides training in the area of safe food handling and helps to develop the skills necessary to work in the kitchen. We prepare "Meals on Wheels" which are delivered week days by volunteers, full course meals for patrons of our Restaurant and muffins, cookies, soup, sandwiches and more which are for sale to the public as well as staff and participants.

The Light Assembly area is a combination of work and non-work activities. Individuals are encouraged to become involved in various contract work such as paper recycle projects, confidential shredding, packaging, button badges, and seasonal projects. Time is spent in various program options, such as exercise programs, skill development, outings, and interest groups. These programs are designed to enhance the quality of life.


Individuals with high needs attend our Day Program. The relaxed atmosphere is designed for pleasant interaction with staff and peers. We have a Sensory Room to provide a quiet retreat to help relax and calm our participants. An area central in our program with sofas, easy chairs, aquarium and big screen TV provide a comfortable respite from a wheelchair or just to relax. Weather permitting, a park like area outside with a gazebo, picnic tables and park benches, surrounded by green grass, flowers and trees is a pleasant place to spend time or have lunch or coffee. Crafts and outings whenever possible make our program a pleasant diversion.


That the people we serve have the opportunity to achieve their desired quality of life

KIN Enterprises Inc. - Increasing Independence, Protecting the Environment